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package ipamapi

import ""

Package ipamapi specifies the contract the IPAM service (built-in or remote) needs to satisfy.


Package Files

contract.go labels.go


const (
    // DefaultIPAM is the name of the built-in default ipam driver
    DefaultIPAM = "default"
    // NullIPAM is the name of the built-in null ipam driver
    NullIPAM = "null"
    // PluginEndpointType represents the Endpoint Type used by Plugin system
    PluginEndpointType = "IpamDriver"
    // RequestAddressType represents the Address Type used when requesting an address
    RequestAddressType = "RequestAddressType"
const (
    // Prefix constant marks the reserved label space for libnetwork
    Prefix = ""

    // AllocSerialPrefix constant marks the reserved label space for libnetwork ipam
    // allocation ordering.(serial/first available)
    AllocSerialPrefix = Prefix + ".ipam.serial"


var (
    ErrIpamInternalError   = types.InternalErrorf("IPAM Internal Error")
    ErrInvalidAddressSpace = types.BadRequestErrorf("Invalid Address Space")
    ErrInvalidPool         = types.BadRequestErrorf("Invalid Address Pool")
    ErrInvalidSubPool      = types.BadRequestErrorf("Invalid Address SubPool")
    ErrInvalidRequest      = types.BadRequestErrorf("Invalid Request")
    ErrPoolNotFound        = types.BadRequestErrorf("Address Pool not found")
    ErrOverlapPool         = types.ForbiddenErrorf("Address pool overlaps with existing pool on this address space")
    ErrNoAvailablePool     = types.NoServiceErrorf("No available pool")
    ErrNoAvailableIPs      = types.NoServiceErrorf("No available addresses on this pool")
    ErrNoIPReturned        = types.NoServiceErrorf("No address returned")
    ErrIPAlreadyAllocated  = types.ForbiddenErrorf("Address already in use")
    ErrIPOutOfRange        = types.BadRequestErrorf("Requested address is out of range")
    ErrPoolOverlap         = types.ForbiddenErrorf("Pool overlaps with other one on this address space")
    ErrBadPool             = types.BadRequestErrorf("Address space does not contain specified address pool")

Well-known errors returned by IPAM

type Callback Uses

type Callback interface {
    // GetPluginGetter returns the pluginv2 getter.
    GetPluginGetter() plugingetter.PluginGetter
    // RegisterIpamDriver provides a way for Remote drivers to dynamically register with libnetwork
    RegisterIpamDriver(name string, driver Ipam) error
    // RegisterIpamDriverWithCapabilities provides a way for Remote drivers to dynamically register with libnetwork and specify capabilities
    RegisterIpamDriverWithCapabilities(name string, driver Ipam, capability *Capability) error

Callback provides a Callback interface for registering an IPAM instance into LibNetwork

type Capability Uses

type Capability struct {
    // Whether on address request, libnetwork must
    // specify the endpoint MAC address
    RequiresMACAddress bool
    // Whether of daemon start, libnetwork must replay the pool
    // request and the address request for current local networks
    RequiresRequestReplay bool

Capability represents the requirements and capabilities of the IPAM driver

type Ipam Uses

type Ipam interface {

    // GetDefaultAddressSpaces returns the default local and global address spaces for this ipam
    GetDefaultAddressSpaces() (string, string, error)
    // RequestPool returns an address pool along with its unique id. Address space is a mandatory field
    // which denotes a set of non-overlapping pools. pool describes the pool of addresses in CIDR notation.
    // subpool indicates a smaller range of addresses from the pool, for now it is specified in CIDR notation.
    // Both pool and subpool are non mandatory fields. When they are not specified, Ipam driver may choose to
    // return a self chosen pool for this request. In such case the v6 flag needs to be set appropriately so
    // that the driver would return the expected ip version pool.
    RequestPool(addressSpace, pool, subPool string, options map[string]string, v6 bool) (string, *net.IPNet, map[string]string, error)
    // ReleasePool releases the address pool identified by the passed id
    ReleasePool(poolID string) error
    // Request address from the specified pool ID. Input options or required IP can be passed.
    RequestAddress(string, net.IP, map[string]string) (*net.IPNet, map[string]string, error)
    // Release the address from the specified pool ID
    ReleaseAddress(string, net.IP) error

    //IsBuiltIn returns true if it is a built-in driver.
    IsBuiltIn() bool

Ipam represents the interface the IPAM service plugins must implement in order to allow injection/modification of IPAM database.

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