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package netlabel

import ""


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const (
    // Prefix constant marks the reserved label space for libnetwork
    Prefix = ""

    // DriverPrefix constant marks the reserved label space for libnetwork drivers
    DriverPrefix = Prefix + ".driver"

    // DriverPrivatePrefix constant marks the reserved label space
    // for internal libnetwork drivers
    DriverPrivatePrefix = DriverPrefix + ".private"

    // GenericData constant that helps to identify an option as a Generic constant
    GenericData = Prefix + ".generic"

    // PortMap constant represents Port Mapping
    PortMap = Prefix + ".portmap"

    // MacAddress constant represents Mac Address config of a Container
    MacAddress = Prefix + ".endpoint.macaddress"

    // ExposedPorts constant represents the container's Exposed Ports
    ExposedPorts = Prefix + ".endpoint.exposedports"

    // DNSServers A list of DNS servers associated with the endpoint
    DNSServers = Prefix + ".endpoint.dnsservers"

    //EnableIPv6 constant represents enabling IPV6 at network level
    EnableIPv6 = Prefix + ".enable_ipv6"

    // DriverMTU constant represents the MTU size for the network driver
    DriverMTU = DriverPrefix + ".mtu"

    // OverlayBindInterface constant represents overlay driver bind interface
    OverlayBindInterface = DriverPrefix + ".overlay.bind_interface"

    // OverlayNeighborIP constant represents overlay driver neighbor IP
    OverlayNeighborIP = DriverPrefix + ".overlay.neighbor_ip"

    // OverlayVxlanIDList constant represents a list of VXLAN Ids as csv
    OverlayVxlanIDList = DriverPrefix + ".overlay.vxlanid_list"

    // Gateway represents the gateway for the network
    Gateway = Prefix + ".gateway"

    // Internal constant represents that the network is internal which disables default gateway service
    Internal = Prefix + ".internal"

    // ContainerIfacePrefix can be used to override the interface prefix used inside the container
    ContainerIfacePrefix = Prefix + ".container_iface_prefix"

    // HostIP is the Source-IP Address used to SNAT container traffic
    HostIP = Prefix + ".host_ipv4"


var (
    // GlobalKVProvider constant represents the KV provider backend
    GlobalKVProvider = MakeKVProvider("global")

    // GlobalKVProviderURL constant represents the KV provider URL
    GlobalKVProviderURL = MakeKVProviderURL("global")

    // GlobalKVProviderConfig constant represents the KV provider Config
    GlobalKVProviderConfig = MakeKVProviderConfig("global")

    // GlobalKVClient constants represents the global kv store client
    GlobalKVClient = MakeKVClient("global")

    // LocalKVProvider constant represents the KV provider backend
    LocalKVProvider = MakeKVProvider("local")

    // LocalKVProviderURL constant represents the KV provider URL
    LocalKVProviderURL = MakeKVProviderURL("local")

    // LocalKVProviderConfig constant represents the KV provider Config
    LocalKVProviderConfig = MakeKVProviderConfig("local")

    // LocalKVClient constants represents the local kv store client
    LocalKVClient = MakeKVClient("local")

func Key Uses

func Key(label string) (key string)

Key extracts the key portion of the label

func KeyValue Uses

func KeyValue(label string) (key string, value string)

KeyValue decomposes the label in the (key,value) pair

func MakeKVClient Uses

func MakeKVClient(scope string) string

MakeKVClient returns the kv client label for the scope

func MakeKVProvider Uses

func MakeKVProvider(scope string) string

MakeKVProvider returns the kvprovider label for the scope

func MakeKVProviderConfig Uses

func MakeKVProviderConfig(scope string) string

MakeKVProviderConfig returns the kvprovider config label for the scope

func MakeKVProviderURL Uses

func MakeKVProviderURL(scope string) string

MakeKVProviderURL returns the kvprovider url label for the scope

func Value Uses

func Value(label string) (value string)

Value extracts the value portion of the label

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