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package command

import ""


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func BuildCommand Uses

func BuildCommand(factory app.ProjectFactory) cli.Command

BuildCommand defines the libcompose build subcommand.

func CommonFlags Uses

func CommonFlags() []cli.Flag

CommonFlags defines the flags that are in common for all subcommands.

func ConfigCommand Uses

func ConfigCommand(factory app.ProjectFactory) cli.Command

ConfigCommand defines the libcompose config subcommand

func CreateCommand Uses

func CreateCommand(factory app.ProjectFactory) cli.Command

CreateCommand defines the libcompose create subcommand.

func DownCommand Uses

func DownCommand(factory app.ProjectFactory) cli.Command

DownCommand defines the libcompose stop subcommand.

func EventsCommand Uses

func EventsCommand(factory app.ProjectFactory) cli.Command

EventsCommand defines the libcompose events subcommand

func KillCommand Uses

func KillCommand(factory app.ProjectFactory) cli.Command

KillCommand defines the libcompose kill subcommand.

func LogsCommand Uses

func LogsCommand(factory app.ProjectFactory) cli.Command

LogsCommand defines the libcompose logs subcommand.

func PauseCommand Uses

func PauseCommand(factory app.ProjectFactory) cli.Command

PauseCommand defines the libcompose pause subcommand.

func Populate Uses

func Populate(context *project.Context, c *cli.Context)

Populate updates the specified project context based on command line arguments and subcommands.

func PortCommand Uses

func PortCommand(factory app.ProjectFactory) cli.Command

PortCommand defines the libcompose port subcommand.

func PsCommand Uses

func PsCommand(factory app.ProjectFactory) cli.Command

PsCommand defines the libcompose ps subcommand.

func PullCommand Uses

func PullCommand(factory app.ProjectFactory) cli.Command

PullCommand defines the libcompose pull subcommand.

func RestartCommand Uses

func RestartCommand(factory app.ProjectFactory) cli.Command

RestartCommand defines the libcompose restart subcommand.

func RmCommand Uses

func RmCommand(factory app.ProjectFactory) cli.Command

RmCommand defines the libcompose rm subcommand.

func RunCommand Uses

func RunCommand(factory app.ProjectFactory) cli.Command

RunCommand defines the libcompose run subcommand.

func ScaleCommand Uses

func ScaleCommand(factory app.ProjectFactory) cli.Command

ScaleCommand defines the libcompose scale subcommand.

func StartCommand Uses

func StartCommand(factory app.ProjectFactory) cli.Command

StartCommand defines the libcompose start subcommand.

func StopCommand Uses

func StopCommand(factory app.ProjectFactory) cli.Command

StopCommand defines the libcompose stop subcommand.

func UnpauseCommand Uses

func UnpauseCommand(factory app.ProjectFactory) cli.Command

UnpauseCommand defines the libcompose unpause subcommand.

func UpCommand Uses

func UpCommand(factory app.ProjectFactory) cli.Command

UpCommand defines the libcompose up subcommand.

func VersionCommand Uses

func VersionCommand(factory app.ProjectFactory) cli.Command

VersionCommand defines the libcompose version subcommand.

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