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package logger

import ""


Package Files

color_logger.go colors.go

type ColorLogger Uses

type ColorLogger struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

ColorLogger implements logger.Logger interface with color support.

func (*ColorLogger) Err Uses

func (c *ColorLogger) Err(bytes []byte)

Err implements logger.Logger.Err.

func (*ColorLogger) ErrWriter Uses

func (c *ColorLogger) ErrWriter() io.Writer

ErrWriter returns the base writer

func (*ColorLogger) Out Uses

func (c *ColorLogger) Out(bytes []byte)

Out implements logger.Logger.Out.

func (*ColorLogger) OutWriter Uses

func (c *ColorLogger) OutWriter() io.Writer

OutWriter returns the base writer

type ColorLoggerFactory Uses

type ColorLoggerFactory struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

ColorLoggerFactory implements logger.Factory interface using ColorLogger.

func NewColorLoggerFactory Uses

func NewColorLoggerFactory() *ColorLoggerFactory

NewColorLoggerFactory creates a new ColorLoggerFactory.

func (*ColorLoggerFactory) CreateBuildLogger Uses

func (c *ColorLoggerFactory) CreateBuildLogger(name string) logger.Logger

CreateBuildLogger implements logger.Factory.CreateBuildLogger.

func (*ColorLoggerFactory) CreateContainerLogger Uses

func (c *ColorLoggerFactory) CreateContainerLogger(name string) logger.Logger

CreateContainerLogger implements logger.Factory.CreateContainerLogger.

func (*ColorLoggerFactory) CreatePullLogger Uses

func (c *ColorLoggerFactory) CreatePullLogger(name string) logger.Logger

CreatePullLogger implements logger.Factory.CreatePullLogger.

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