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package auth

import ""


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type ConfigLookup Uses

type ConfigLookup struct {

ConfigLookup implements AuthLookup by reading a Docker config file

func NewConfigLookup Uses

func NewConfigLookup(configfile *configfile.ConfigFile) *ConfigLookup

NewConfigLookup creates a new ConfigLookup for a given context

func (*ConfigLookup) All Uses

func (c *ConfigLookup) All() map[string]types.AuthConfig

All uses a Docker config file to get all authentication information

func (*ConfigLookup) Lookup Uses

func (c *ConfigLookup) Lookup(repoInfo *registry.RepositoryInfo) types.AuthConfig

Lookup uses a Docker config file to lookup authentication information

type Lookup Uses

type Lookup interface {
    All() map[string]types.AuthConfig
    Lookup(repoInfo *registry.RepositoryInfo) types.AuthConfig

Lookup defines a method for looking up authentication information

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