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package client

import ""


Package Files

client.go client_factory.go


const (
    // DefaultAPIVersion is the default docker API version set by libcompose
    DefaultAPIVersion = "v1.20"

func Create Uses

func Create(c Options) (client.APIClient, error)

Create creates a docker client based on the specified options.

type Factory Uses

type Factory interface {
    // Create constructs a Docker client for the given service. The passed in
    // config may be nil in which case a generic client for the project should
    // be returned.
    Create(service project.Service) client.APIClient

Factory is a factory to create docker clients.

func NewDefaultFactory Uses

func NewDefaultFactory(opts Options) (Factory, error)

NewDefaultFactory creates and returns the default client factory that uses client.

type Options Uses

type Options struct {
    TLS        bool
    TLSVerify  bool
    TLSOptions tlsconfig.Options
    TrustKey   string
    Host       string
    APIVersion string

Options holds docker client options (host, tls, ..)

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