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package options

import ""


Package Files


type Build Uses

type Build struct {
    NoCache     bool
    ForceRemove bool
    Pull        bool

Build holds options of compose build.

type Create Uses

type Create struct {
    NoRecreate    bool
    ForceRecreate bool
    NoBuild       bool
    ForceBuild    bool

Create holds options of compose create.

type Delete Uses

type Delete struct {
    RemoveVolume  bool
    RemoveRunning bool

Delete holds options of compose rm.

type Down Uses

type Down struct {
    RemoveVolume  bool
    RemoveImages  ImageType
    RemoveOrphans bool

Down holds options of compose down.

type ImageType Uses

type ImageType string

ImageType defines the type of image (local, all)

func (ImageType) Valid Uses

func (i ImageType) Valid() bool

Valid indicates whether the image type is valid.

type Run Uses

type Run struct {
    Detached   bool
    DisableTty bool

Run holds options of compose run.

type Up Uses

type Up struct {

Up holds options of compose up.

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