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package server

import ""


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func CreateHandler Uses

func CreateHandler(operationName string, serverHandler utils.ContextHandler, errorIfGUNInvalid error, includeCacheHeaders bool, cacheControlConfig utils.CacheControlConfig, permissionsRequired []string, authWrapper utils.AuthWrapper, repoPrefixes []string) http.Handler

CreateHandler creates a server handler, wrapping with auth, caching, and monitoring

func RootHandler Uses

func RootHandler(ctx context.Context, ac auth.AccessController, trust signed.CryptoService,
    consistent, current utils.CacheControlConfig, repoPrefixes []string) http.Handler

RootHandler returns the handler that routes all the paths from / for the server.

func Run Uses

func Run(ctx context.Context, conf Config) error

Run sets up and starts a TLS server that can be cancelled using the given configuration. The context it is passed is the context it should use directly for the TLS server, and generate children off for requests

type Config Uses

type Config struct {
    Addr                         string
    TLSConfig                    *tls.Config
    Trust                        signed.CryptoService
    AuthMethod                   string
    AuthOpts                     interface{}
    RepoPrefixes                 []string
    ConsistentCacheControlConfig utils.CacheControlConfig
    CurrentCacheControlConfig    utils.CacheControlConfig

Config tells Run how to configure a server



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