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package signer

import ""


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type Config Uses

type Config struct {
    GRPCAddr       string
    TLSConfig      *tls.Config
    CryptoServices CryptoServiceIndex
    PendingKeyFunc func(trustmanager.KeyInfo) (data.PublicKey, error)

Config tells how to configure a notary-signer

type CryptoServiceIndex Uses

type CryptoServiceIndex map[string]signed.CryptoService

CryptoServiceIndex represents a mapping between a service algorithm string and a CryptoService

type KeyManager Uses

type KeyManager interface {
    // CreateKey creates a new key and returns it's Information
    CreateKey() (*pb.PublicKey, error)

    // DeleteKey removes a key
    DeleteKey(keyID *pb.KeyID) (*pb.Void, error)

    // KeyInfo returns the public key of a particular key
    KeyInfo(keyID *pb.KeyID) (*pb.PublicKey, error)

KeyManager is the interface to implement key management (possibly a key database)

type Signer Uses

type Signer interface {
    Sign(request *pb.SignatureRequest) (*pb.Signature, error)

Signer is the interface that allows the signing service to return signatures

type SigningService Uses

type SigningService interface {

    // Signer returns a Signer for a given keyID
    Signer(keyID *pb.KeyID) (Signer, error)

SigningService is the interface to implement a key management and signing service



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