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package action

import ""


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type Type Uses

type Type int

Type determines type of action that has been requested of a user

const (
    // ActionTypeRead document
    ActionTypeRead Type = 1

    // ActionTypeFeedback for a document
    ActionTypeFeedback Type = 2

    // ActionTypeContribute to document
    ActionTypeContribute Type = 3

    // ActionTypeApprovalRequest for a section change
    ActionTypeApprovalRequest Type = 4

    // ActionTypeApproved section change
    ActionTypeApproved Type = 5

    // ActionTypeRejected section change
    ActionTypeRejected Type = 6

    // ActionTypePublish content as Live
    ActionTypePublish Type = 7

type UserAction Uses

type UserAction struct {
    OrgID       string            `json:"orgId"`
    DocumentID  string            `json:"documentId"`
    UserID      string            `json:"userId"`
    ActionType  Type              `json:"actionType"`
    RefType     string            `json:"refType"`   // page or attachment
    RefTypeID   string            `json:"refTypeId"` // page or attachment ID
    Note        string            `json:"note"`
    RequestorID string            `json:"requestorId"`
    Requested   time.Time         `json:"requestedDate"`
    Due         time.Time         `json:"dueDate"`
    Completed   timeutil.NullTime `json:"completedDate"`
    IsComplete  bool              `json:"isComplete"`

UserAction represents an action that a user should perform on a document.

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