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package activity

import ""


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func TypeName Uses

func TypeName(t Type) string

TypeName returns one-work descriptor for activity type

type DocumentActivity Uses

type DocumentActivity struct {
    ID           uint64    `json:"id"`
    OrgID        string    `json:"orgId"`
    SpaceID      string    `json:"spaceId"`
    DocumentID   string    `json:"documentId"`
    SectionID    string    `json:"pageId"`
    SectionName  string    `json:"pageTitle"`
    UserID       string    `json:"userId"`
    Firstname    string    `json:"firstname"`
    Lastname     string    `json:"lastname"`
    ActivityType int       `json:"activityType"`
    Metadata     string    `json:"metadata"`
    Created      time.Time `json:"created"`

DocumentActivity represents an activity taken against a document.

type SourceType Uses

type SourceType int

SourceType details where the activity occured.

const (
    // SourceTypeSpace indicates activity against a space.
    SourceTypeSpace SourceType = 1

    // SourceTypeDocument indicates activity against a document.
    SourceTypeDocument SourceType = 2

    // SourceTypePage indicates activity against a document page.
    SourceTypePage SourceType = 3

    // SourceTypeSearch indicates activity on search page.
    SourceTypeSearch SourceType = 4

type Type Uses

type Type int

Type determines type of user activity

const (
    // TypeCreated records user object creation (document or space).
    TypeCreated Type = 1

    // TypeRead states user has consumed object (document or space).
    TypeRead Type = 2

    // TypeEdited states user has editing document.
    TypeEdited Type = 3

    // TypeDeleted records user deleting space/document.
    TypeDeleted Type = 4

    // TypeArchived records user archiving space/document.
    TypeArchived Type = 5

    // TypeApproved records user approval of document.
    TypeApproved Type = 6

    // TypeReverted records user content roll-back to previous document version.
    TypeReverted Type = 7

    // TypePublishedTemplate records user creating new document template.
    TypePublishedTemplate Type = 8

    // TypePublishedBlock records user creating reusable content block.
    TypePublishedBlock Type = 9

    // TypeCommented records user providing document feedback.
    TypeCommented Type = 10

    // TypeRejected records user rejecting document.
    TypeRejected Type = 11

    // TypeSentSecureLink records user sending secure document link via email.
    TypeSentSecureLink Type = 12

    // TypeDraft records user marking space/document as draft.
    TypeDraft Type = 13

    // TypeVersioned records user creating new document version.
    TypeVersioned Type = 14

    // TypeSearched records user performing document keyword search.
    // Metadata field should contain search terms.
    TypeSearched Type = 15

    // TypePublished happens when a document is moved from Draft to Live.
    TypePublished Type = 16

    // TypePinned happens when a document is pinned within space.
    TypePinned Type = 17

    // TypeUnpinned happens when a document is no longer pinned inside a space.
    TypeUnpinned Type = 18

    // TypePinSequence is when the order of sequenced documents is changed.
    TypePinSequence Type = 19

type UserActivity Uses

type UserActivity struct {
    ID           uint64     `json:"id"`
    OrgID        string     `json:"orgId"`
    UserID       string     `json:"userId"`
    SpaceID      string     `json:"spaceId"`
    DocumentID   string     `json:"documentId"`
    SectionID    string     `json:"pageId"`
    ActivityType Type       `json:"activityType"`
    SourceType   SourceType `json:"sourceType"`
    Metadata     string     `json:"metadata"`
    Created      time.Time  `json:"created"`

    // Read-only outbound fields (e.g. for UI display)
    SourceName string `json:"sourceName"`

UserActivity represents an activity undertaken by a user.

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