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package block

import ""


Package Files


type Block Uses

type Block struct {
    OrgID          string `json:"orgId"`
    SpaceID        string `json:"spaceId"`
    UserID         string `json:"userId"`
    ContentType    string `json:"contentType"`
    Type           string `json:"pageType"`
    Name           string `json:"title"`
    Body           string `json:"body"`
    Excerpt        string `json:"excerpt"`
    RawBody        string `json:"rawBody"`        // a blob of data
    Config         string `json:"config"`         // JSON based custom config for this type
    ExternalSource bool   `json:"externalSource"` // true indicates data sourced externally
    Used           uint64 `json:"used"`
    Firstname      string `json:"firstname"`
    Lastname       string `json:"lastname"`

Block represents a section that has been published as a reusable content block.

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