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package category

import ""


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type Category Uses

type Category struct {
    OrgID     string `json:"orgId"`
    SpaceID   string `json:"spaceId"`
    Name      string `json:"category"`
    IsDefault bool   `json:"isDefault"`

Category represents a category within a space that is persisted to the database.

type FetchSpaceModel Uses

type FetchSpaceModel struct {
    Category   []Category     `json:"category"`
    Summary    []SummaryModel `json:"summary"`
    Membership []Member       `json:"membership"`

FetchSpaceModel represents categories, summary and membership in a single payload. Designed to speed up front-end app.

type Member Uses

type Member struct {
    OrgID      string `json:"orgId"`
    CategoryID string `json:"categoryId"`
    SpaceID    string `json:"spaceId"`
    DocumentID string `json:"documentId"`

Member represents 0:M association between a document and category, persisted to the database.

type SummaryModel Uses

type SummaryModel struct {
    GroupType  string `json:"type"` // documents or users
    CategoryID string `json:"categoryId"`
    Count      int64  `json:"count"`

SummaryModel holds number of documents and users for space categories.

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