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package space

import ""


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type AcceptShareModel Uses

type AcceptShareModel struct {
    Serial    string `json:"serial"`
    Firstname string `json:"firstname"`
    Lastname  string `json:"lastname"`
    Password  string `json:"password"`

AcceptShareModel is used to setup a user who has accepted a shared space.

type InvitationModel Uses

type InvitationModel struct {
    Message    string
    Recipients []string

InvitationModel details which users have been invited to a space.

type NewSpaceRequest Uses

type NewSpaceRequest struct {
    Name           string `json:"name"`
    Description    string `json:"desc"`
    LabelID        string `json:"labelId"`
    Icon           string `json:"icon"`
    CloneID        string `json:"cloneId"`        // existing space to clone, empty = no cloning
    CopyTemplate   bool   `json:"copyTemplate"`   // copy templates and reusable content blocks
    CopyPermission bool   `json:"copyPermission"` // copy uer permissions
    CopyDocument   bool   `json:"copyDocument"`   // copy all documents!

NewSpaceRequest details the new space to create.

type Scope Uses

type Scope int

Scope determines folder visibility.

const (
    // ScopePublic can be seen by anyone
    ScopePublic Scope = 1

    // ScopePrivate can only be seen by the person who owns it
    ScopePrivate Scope = 2

    // ScopeRestricted can be seen by selected users
    ScopeRestricted Scope = 3

type Space Uses

type Space struct {
    Name          string `json:"name"`
    Description   string `json:"desc"`
    OrgID         string `json:"orgId"`
    UserID        string `json:"userId"`
    LabelID       string `json:"labelId"`
    Type          Scope  `json:"spaceType"`
    CountCategory int    `json:"countCategory"`
    CountContent  int    `json:"countContent"`
    Icon          string `json:"icon"`

    // Lifecycle stores the default value all new documents are given upon creation.
    Lifecycle workflow.Lifecycle `json:"lifecycle"`

    // Likes stores the question to ask the user such as 'Did this help you?'.
    // An empty value tells us liking is not allowed.
    Likes string `json:"likes"`

Space defines a container for documents.

func (*Space) IsPrivate Uses

func (l *Space) IsPrivate() bool

IsPrivate means the folder can only be seen by the person who owns it.

func (*Space) IsPublic Uses

func (l *Space) IsPublic() bool

IsPublic means the folder can be seen by anyone.

func (*Space) IsRestricted Uses

func (l *Space) IsRestricted() bool

IsRestricted means the folder can be seen by selected users.

type Viewer Uses

type Viewer struct {
    Name      string `json:"name"`
    SpaceID   string `json:"spaceId"`
    Type      int    `json:"spaceType"`
    UserID    string `json:"userId"`
    Firstname string `json:"firstname"`
    Lastname  string `json:"lastname"`
    Email     string `json:"email"`

Viewer details who can see a particular space

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