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package workflow

import ""


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type Approval Uses

type Approval int

Approval tells us how some data item change is to be approved

const (
    // ApprovalNone means no approval necessary
    ApprovalNone Approval = 0

    // ApprovalAnybody can approve data item change
    ApprovalAnybody Approval = 1

    // ApprovalMajority must approve data item change
    ApprovalMajority Approval = 2

    // ApprovalUnanimous approval must be given for data item change
    ApprovalUnanimous Approval = 3

type ChangeStatus Uses

type ChangeStatus int

ChangeStatus tells us the state of a data item

const (
    // ChangePublished means data item is visible all
    ChangePublished ChangeStatus = 0

    // ChangePending means data item is still being edited and not yet requesting review
    ChangePending ChangeStatus = 1

    // ChangeUnderReview means data item is being reviewed
    // Next step would be to mark data item as either
    // Published or Rejected
    ChangeUnderReview ChangeStatus = 2

    // ChangeRejected means data item was not approved for publication
    ChangeRejected ChangeStatus = 3

    // ChangePendingNew means a new section to a document is pending review
    ChangePendingNew ChangeStatus = 4

type Lifecycle Uses

type Lifecycle int

Lifecycle tells us if document is in Draft, Live, Archived

const (
    // LifecycleDraft means document is in draft mode with restricted viewing
    LifecycleDraft Lifecycle = 0

    // LifecycleLive means document can be seen by all
    LifecycleLive Lifecycle = 1

    // LifecycleArchived means document has been archived
    LifecycleArchived Lifecycle = 2

type Protection Uses

type Protection int

Protection tell us how to handle data item changes

const (
    // ProtectionNone means no protection so data item changes are permitted
    ProtectionNone Protection = 0

    // ProtectionLock means no data itme changes
    ProtectionLock Protection = 1

    // ProtectionReview means changes must be reviewed and approved
    ProtectionReview Protection = 2

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