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package utils

import "github.com/dynport/urknall/utils"

Util functions that don't fit anywhere else.


Package Files

templates.go versions.go

func MustRenderTemplate Uses

func MustRenderTemplate(tmplString string, i interface{}) (rendered string)

Delegates action to RenderTemplate. Panics in case of an error.

func RenderTemplate Uses

func RenderTemplate(tmplString string, i interface{}) (rendered string, e error)

Render the template from the given string using text/template and the information from the interface provided.

type Version Uses

type Version struct {
    Major int
    Minor int
    Patch int

func ParseVersion Uses

func ParseVersion(raw string) (v *Version, e error)

func (*Version) Parse Uses

func (version *Version) Parse(raw string) error

func (*Version) Smaller Uses

func (version *Version) Smaller(other *Version) bool

func (*Version) String Uses

func (version *Version) String() string

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