apiPackage api contains ProtoBuf-generated types for the external gRPC API to Beam.
api/beam-apiCommand beam-api runs a Beam API server daemon.
api/implPackage impl implements the external gRPC and HTTP API servers for Beam.
api/impl/kgstatsPackage kgstats fetches and caches runtime statistics about the cluster and dataset.
blogPackage blog contains interfaces to Beam's data log.
blog/kafkaPackage kafka implements a Kafka client as a blog.BeamLog.
blog/logspecclientPackage logspecclient implements a client for the beam/logspec API.
blog/mockblogPackage mockblog contains an in-process, in-memory implementation of a Beam log client and server.
configPackage config contains the configuration for a Beam server.
discoveryPackage discovery defines basic concepts around service discovery and locating endpoints.
discovery/discoveryfactoryPackage discoveryfactory constructs service discovery implementations.
discovery/kubediscoveryPackage kubediscovery provides an implementation of the Locator interface backed by Kubernetes service discovery.
diskviewPackage diskview implements a view service that serves facts from an ordered key-value store.
diskview/beam-diskviewCommand beam-diskview runs a DiskView daemon.
diskview/databasePackage database defines an abstract ordered Key/Value store that can be used as a backing store by the Disk View.
diskview/keysPackage keys provides support for building and parsing the DiskView's binary key format that facts are encoded into.
diskview/rocksdbPackage rocksdb provides an implementation of the Database interface that is backed by a local RocksDB Key/Value store
inferPackage infer implements fact inference by traversing transitive predicates.
logentryPackage logentry contains all the types generated from the protobuf files.
logentry/logencoderPackage logencoder handles serialization and deserialization of logentry.*Command in to/from bytes.
logentry/logreadPackage logread deals with mapping from logentry types into rpc types.
logentry/logwritePackage logwrite contains helper functions to create instances of types in the logentry package.
logspecPackage logspec contains ProtoBuf-generated types for Beam's log.
partitioningPackage partitioning provides ways to describe how the set of facts have been partitioned.
queryPackage query provides a high level entry point for executing BeamQL queries.
query/execPackage exec is used to execute a KG query that was built by the query planner.
query/parserPackage parser implements a parser combinator for the beam query language.
query/plannerPackage planner is the KG/Beam-specific query optimizer.
query/planner/plandefPackage plandef defines the output of the query planner.
query/planner/searchPackage search implements a generic query optimizer algorithm.
rpcPackage rpc contains ProtoBuf-generated types for the messages communicated between Beam servers.
spacePackage space defines abstract notions of points and ranges.
tools/depCommand dep checks / fetches / update dependencies
txtimeoutviewPackage txtimeoutview implements a view service that times out slow transactions and measures the log's latency.
txtimeoutview/beam-txviewCommand beam-txview runs a TxTimeoutView daemon.
txtimeoutview/logpingPackage logping measures the latency of Beam's log by appending to it and reading from it.
txtimeoutview/txtimerPackage txtimer watches for slow transactions and aborts them.
updatePackage update handles requests to modify the graph.
update/convPackage conv helps convert between related types as an update request is processed.
viewclientPackage viewclient provides functionality for querying view servers.
viewclient/fanoutPackage fanout is useful for invoking RPCs across a bunch of servers.
viewclient/lookupsPackage lookups defines go interfaces that the various LookupXX rpc wrappers expose, this can be useful in decoupling the actual Loopup implementation from its usage, allowing for easier testing
viewclient/lookups/mocklookupsPackage mocklookups provides a mock implementation of the various Fact lookup RPCs.
viewclient/mockstorePackage mockstore provides various mocks that store facts and can execute lookups against them.
viewclient/viewregPackage viewreg tracks all the known view servers in the cluster.

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