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package deadline

import "github.com/eapache/go-resiliency/deadline"

Package deadline implements the deadline (also known as "timeout") resiliency pattern for Go.



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var ErrTimedOut = errors.New("timed out waiting for function to finish")

ErrTimedOut is the error returned from Run when the deadline expires.

type Deadline Uses

type Deadline struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Deadline implements the deadline/timeout resiliency pattern.


dl := New(1 * time.Second)

err := dl.Run(func(stopper <-chan struct{}) error {
    // do something possibly slow
    // check stopper function and give up if timed out
    return nil

switch err {
case ErrTimedOut:
    // execution took too long, oops
    // some other error

func New Uses

func New(timeout time.Duration) *Deadline

New constructs a new Deadline with the given timeout.

func (*Deadline) Run Uses

func (d *Deadline) Run(work func(<-chan struct{}) error) error

Run runs the given function, passing it a stopper channel. If the deadline passes before the function finishes executing, Run returns ErrTimeOut to the caller and closes the stopper channel so that the work function can attempt to exit gracefully. It does not (and cannot) simply kill the running function, so if it doesn't respect the stopper channel then it may keep running after the deadline passes. If the function finishes before the deadline, then the return value of the function is returned from Run.

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