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package autodiscover

import ""


Package Files

autodiscover.go include.go

type AutodiscoverAdapter Uses

type AutodiscoverAdapter struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

AutodiscoverAdapter for Filebeat modules & input

func NewAutodiscoverAdapter Uses

func NewAutodiscoverAdapter(inputFactory, moduleFactory cfgfile.RunnerFactory) *AutodiscoverAdapter

NewAutodiscoverAdapter builds and returns an autodiscover adapter for Filebeat modules & input

func (*AutodiscoverAdapter) CheckConfig Uses

func (m *AutodiscoverAdapter) CheckConfig(c *common.Config) error

CheckConfig tests given config to check if it will work or not, returns errors in case it won't work

func (*AutodiscoverAdapter) Create Uses

func (m *AutodiscoverAdapter) Create(p beat.Pipeline, c *common.Config, meta *common.MapStrPointer) (cfgfile.Runner, error)

Create a module or input from the given config

func (*AutodiscoverAdapter) CreateConfig Uses

func (m *AutodiscoverAdapter) CreateConfig(e bus.Event) ([]*common.Config, error)

CreateConfig generates a valid list of configs from the given event, the received event will have all keys defined by `StartFilter`

func (*AutodiscoverAdapter) EventFilter Uses

func (m *AutodiscoverAdapter) EventFilter() []string

EventFilter returns the bus filter to retrieve runner start/stop triggering events



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