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package crawler

import ""


Package Files


type Crawler Uses

type Crawler struct {
    InputsFactory  cfgfile.RunnerFactory
    ModulesFactory cfgfile.RunnerFactory
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func New Uses

func New(out channel.Factory, inputConfigs []*common.Config, beatVersion string, beatDone chan struct{}, once bool) (*Crawler, error)

func (*Crawler) Start Uses

func (c *Crawler) Start(
    pipeline beat.Pipeline,
    r *registrar.Registrar,
    configInputs *common.Config,
    configModules *common.Config,
    pipelineLoaderFactory fileset.PipelineLoaderFactory,
    overwritePipelines bool,
) error

Start starts the crawler with all inputs

func (*Crawler) Stop Uses

func (c *Crawler) Stop()

func (*Crawler) WaitForCompletion Uses

func (c *Crawler) WaitForCompletion()

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