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package syslog

import ""

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Package Files

config.go event.go input.go parser.go

func NewInput Uses

func NewInput(
    cfg *common.Config,
    outlet channel.Connector,
    context input.Context,
) (input.Input, error)

NewInput creates a new syslog input

func Parse Uses

func Parse(data []byte, event *event)

Parse parses Syslog events.

type Input Uses

type Input struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Input define a syslog input

func (*Input) Run Uses

func (p *Input) Run()

Run starts listening for Syslog events over the network.

func (*Input) Stop Uses

func (p *Input) Stop()

Stop stops the syslog input.

func (*Input) Wait Uses

func (p *Input) Wait()

Wait stops the syslog input.

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