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package registrar

import ""


Package Files

migrate.go registrar.go

type Registrar Uses

type Registrar struct {
    Channel chan []file.State
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func New Uses

func New(cfg config.Registry, out successLogger) (*Registrar, error)

New creates a new Registrar instance, updating the registry file on `file.State` updates. New fails if the file can not be opened or created.

func (*Registrar) GetStates Uses

func (r *Registrar) GetStates() []file.State

GetStates return the registrar states

func (*Registrar) Init Uses

func (r *Registrar) Init() error

Init sets up the Registrar and make sure the registry file is setup correctly

func (*Registrar) Run Uses

func (r *Registrar) Run()

func (*Registrar) Start Uses

func (r *Registrar) Start() error

func (*Registrar) Stop Uses

func (r *Registrar) Stop()

Stop stops the registry. It waits until Run function finished.

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