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package management

import ""


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var DebugK = "centralmgmt"

DebugK used as key for all things central management

var Namespace = ""

Namespace is the feature namespace for queue definition.

func Register Uses

func Register(name string, fn FactoryFunc, stability feature.Stability)

Register a config manager

type ConfigManager Uses

type ConfigManager interface {
    // Enabled returns true if config manager is enabled
    Enabled() bool

    // Start the config manager

    // Stop the config manager

    // CheckRawConfig check settings are correct before launching the beat
    CheckRawConfig(cfg *common.Config) error

ConfigManager interacts with the beat to update configurations from an external source

type FactoryFunc Uses

type FactoryFunc func(*common.Config, *reload.Registry, uuid.UUID) (ConfigManager, error)

FactoryFunc for creating a config manager

func Factory Uses

func Factory() FactoryFunc

Factory retrieves config manager constructor. If no one is registered it will create a nil manager

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