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package util

import ""

Package util contains shared functions used by several packages.


Package Files

cli.go doc.go worker_pool.go

func CLIDescription Uses

func CLIDescription(s string) (r string)

func WorkerPool Uses

func WorkerPool(ws int, fn func(int))

WorkerPool will launch ws workers at the same time and wait for them all to complete.

func WrapToMargin Uses

func WrapToMargin(s string, width int) (r string)

type CLIStringSlice Uses

type CLIStringSlice []string

CLIStringSlice is used to accept multiple values from a CLI argument like:

-foo value1 -foo value2


var foos CLIStringSlice
flag.Var(&foos, "foo", "Some description for this param.")

func (*CLIStringSlice) Set Uses

func (i *CLIStringSlice) Set(value string) error

func (*CLIStringSlice) String Uses

func (i *CLIStringSlice) String() string

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