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Command elvish

Elvish is a cross-platform shell, supporting Linux, BSDs and Windows. It features an expressive programming language, with features like namespacing and anonymous functions, and a fully programmable user interface with friendly defaults. It is suitable for both interactive use and scripting.

Package Files



cmd/examples/cliA test program for the cli package.
cmd/examples/cliaddonA test program for the cli package.
cmd/examples/widgetCommand widget allows manually testing a single widget.
pkg/buildinfoPackage buildinfo contains build information.
pkg/cliPackage cli implements a generic interactive line editor.
pkg/cli/addons/completionPackage completion implements the UI for showing, filtering and inserting completion candidates.
pkg/cli/addons/histlistPackage histlist implements the history listing addon.
pkg/cli/addons/histwalkPackage histwalk implements the history walking addon.
pkg/cli/addons/instantPackage instant implements an addon that executes code whenever it changes and shows the result.
pkg/cli/addons/lastcmdPackage lastcmd implements an addon that supports inserting the last command or words from it.
pkg/cli/addons/listingPackage listing provides the custom listing addon.
pkg/cli/addons/locationPackage location implements an addon that supports viewing location history and changing to a selected directory.
pkg/cli/addons/navigationPackage navigation provides the functionality of navigating the filesystem.
pkg/cli/addons/stubPackage stub implements the stub addon, a general-purpose addon that shows a modeline and supports pluggable binding.
pkg/cli/clitestPackage clitest provides utilities for testing cli.App.
pkg/cli/histutilPackage histutil provides utilities for working with command history.
pkg/cli/lscolorsPackage lscolors provides styling of filenames based on file features.
pkg/cli/promptPackage prompt provides an implementation of the cli.Prompt interface.
pkg/cli/termPackage term provides functionality for working with terminals.
pkg/daemonPackage daemon implements a service for mediating access to the data store, and its client.
pkg/daemon/internal/apiPackage api defines types and constants useful for the API between the daemon service and client.
pkg/diagPackage diag contains building blocks for formatting and processing diagnostic information.
pkg/editPackage edit implements the line editor for Elvish.
pkg/edit/completePackage complete implements the code completion algorithm for Elvish.
pkg/edit/highlightPackage highlight provides an Elvish syntax highlighter.
pkg/envPackage env keeps names of environment variables with special significance to Elvish.
pkg/evalPackage eval handles evaluation of parsed Elvish code and provides runtime facilities.
pkg/eval/errsPackage errs declares error types used as exception causes.
pkg/eval/mods/bundledPackage bundled manages modules written in Elvish that are bundled with the elvish binary.
pkg/eval/mods/daemonPackage daemon implements the builtin daemon: module.
pkg/eval/mods/mathPackage math exposes functionality from Go's math package as an elvish module.
pkg/eval/mods/pathPackage path provides functions for manipulating filesystem path names.
pkg/eval/mods/platformPackage platform exposes variables and functions that deal with the specific platform being run on, such as the OS name and CPU architecture.
pkg/eval/mods/rePackage re implements a regular expression module.
pkg/eval/mods/strPackage str exposes functionality from Go's strings package as an Elvish module.
pkg/eval/mods/unixPackage unix exports an Elvish namespace that contains variables and functions that deal with features unique to UNIX-like operating systems.
pkg/eval/valsPackage vals contains basic facilities for manipulating values used in the Elvish runtime.
pkg/eval/varsPackage vars contains basic types for manipulating Elvish variables.
pkg/fsutilPackage fsutil provides filesystem utilities.
pkg/getoptPackage getopt implements a command-line argument parser.
pkg/globPackage glob implements globbing for elvish.
pkg/logutilPackage logutil provides logging utilities.
pkg/parsePackage parse implements the elvish parser.
pkg/parse/parseutilPackage parseutil contains utilities built on top of the parse package.
pkg/progPackage prog provides the entry point to Elvish.
pkg/prog/progtestPackage progtest provides utilities for testing subprograms.
pkg/shellPackage shell is the entry point for the terminal interface of Elvish.
pkg/storePackage store defines the permanent storage service.
pkg/store/storetestPackage storetest keeps test suites against store.Store.
pkg/strutilPackage strutil provides string utilities.
pkg/sysPackage sys provide convenient wrappers around syscalls.
pkg/testutilPackage testutil contains common test utilities.
pkg/ttPackage tt supports table-driven tests with little boilerplate.
pkg/uiPackage ui contains types that may be used by different editor frontends.
pkg/wcwidthPackage wcwidth provides utilities for determining the column width of characters when displayed on the terminal.
pkg/webPackage web is the entry point for the backend of the web interface of Elvish.

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