elvish: github.com/elves/elvish/pkg


buildinfoPackage buildinfo contains build information.
cliPackage cli implements a generic interactive line editor.
cli/addons/completionPackage completion implements the UI for showing, filtering and inserting completion candidates.
cli/addons/histlistPackage histlist implements the history listing addon.
cli/addons/histwalkPackage histwalk implements the history walking addon.
cli/addons/instantPackage instant implements an addon that executes code whenever it changes and shows the result.
cli/addons/lastcmdPackage lastcmd implements an addon that supports inserting the last command or words from it.
cli/addons/listingPackage listing provides the custom listing addon.
cli/addons/locationPackage location implements an addon that supports viewing location history and changing to a selected directory.
cli/addons/navigationPackage navigation provides the functionality of navigating the filesystem.
cli/addons/stubPackage stub implements the stub addon, a general-purpose addon that shows a modeline and supports pluggable binding.
cli/apptestPackage apptest provides utilities for testing cli.App.
cli/histutilPackage histutil provides utilities for working with command history.
cli/lscolorsPackage lscolors provides styling of filenames based on file features.
cli/promptPackage prompt provides an implementation of the cli.Prompt interface.
cli/termPackage term provides functionality for working with terminals.
daemonPackage daemon implements a service for mediating access to the data store, and its client.
daemon/internal/apiPackage api defines types and constants useful for the API between the daemon service and client.
diagPackage diag contains building blocks for formatting and processing diagnostic information.
editPackage edit implements the line editor for Elvish.
edit/completePackage complete implements the code completion algorithm for Elvish.
edit/highlightPackage highlight provides an Elvish syntax highlighter.
evalPackage eval handles evaluation of parsed Elvish code and provides runtime facilities.
eval/bundledPackage bundled keeps bundled modules.
eval/daemonPackage daemon implements the builtin daemon: module.
eval/platformPackage `platform` exposes variables and functions that deal with the specific platform being run on; such as the OS name and CPU architecture.
eval/rePackage re implements a regular expression module.
eval/strPackage str exposes functionality from Go's strings package as an Elvish module.
eval/unixPackage unix exports an Elvish namespace that contains variables and functions that deal with features unique to UNIX-like operating systems.
eval/valsPackage vals contains basic facilities for manipulating values used in the Elvish runtime.
eval/varsPackage vars contains basic types for manipulating Elvish variables.
getoptPackage getopt implements a command-line argument parser.
globPackage glob implements globbing for elvish.
parsePackage parse implements the elvish parser.
parse/parseutilPackage parseutil contains utilities built on top of the parse package.
programPackage program provides the entry point to Elvish.
program/daemonPackage daemon provides the entry point of the daemon sub-program and helpers to spawn a daemon process.
program/shellPackage shell is the entry point for the terminal interface of Elvish.
program/webPackage web is the entry point for the backend of the web interface of Elvish.
storePackage store defines the permanent storage service.
sysPackage sys provide convenient wrappers around syscalls.
ttPackage tt supports table-driven tests with little boilerplate.
uiPackage ui contains types that may be used by different editor frontends.
utilPackage util contains utility functions.

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