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package location

import "github.com/elves/elvish/pkg/cli/addons/location"

Package location implements an addon that supports viewing location history and changing to a selected directory.


Package Files


func Start Uses

func Start(app cli.App, cfg Config)

Start starts the directory history feature.

type Config Uses

type Config struct {
    // Binding is the key binding.
    Binding cli.Handler
    // Store provides the directory history and the function to change directory.
    Store Store
    // IteratePinned specifies pinned directories by calling the given function
    // with all pinned directories.
    IteratePinned func(func(string))
    // IterateHidden specifies hidden directories by calling the given function
    // with all hidden directories.
    IterateHidden func(func(string))
    // IterateWorksapce specifies workspace configuration.
    IterateWorkspaces WorkspaceIterator

Config is the configuration to start the location history feature.

type Store Uses

type Store interface {
    Dirs(blacklist map[string]struct{}) ([]store.Dir, error)
    Chdir(dir string) error
    Getwd() (string, error)

Store defines the interface for interacting with the directory history.

type WorkspaceIterator Uses

type WorkspaceIterator func(func(kind, pattern string) bool)

WorkspaceIterator is a function that iterates all workspaces by calling the passed function with the name and pattern of each kind of workspace. Iteration should stop when the called function returns false.

func (WorkspaceIterator) Parse Uses

func (ws WorkspaceIterator) Parse(path string) (kind, root string)

Parse returns whether the path matches any kind of workspace. If there is a match, it returns the kind of the workspace and the root. It there is no match, it returns "", "".

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