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package errs

import "github.com/elves/elvish/pkg/eval/errs"

Package errs declares error types used as exception causes.


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type ArityMismatch Uses

type ArityMismatch struct {
    What      string
    ValidLow  int
    ValidHigh int
    Actual    int

ArityMismatch encodes an error where the expected number of values is out of the valid range.

func (ArityMismatch) Error Uses

func (e ArityMismatch) Error() string

type BadValue Uses

type BadValue struct {
    What   string
    Valid  string
    Actual string

BadValue encodes an error where the value does not meet a requirement. For out-of-range erros, use OutOfRange.

func (BadValue) Error Uses

func (e BadValue) Error() string

type OutOfRange Uses

type OutOfRange struct {
    What      string
    ValidLow  string
    ValidHigh string
    Actual    string

OutOfRange encodes an error where a value is out of its valid range.

func (OutOfRange) Error Uses

func (e OutOfRange) Error() string

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