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package shell

import "github.com/elves/elvish/pkg/program/shell"

Package shell is the entry point for the terminal interface of Elvish.


Package Files

data_dir.go editor.go errors_to_json.go interact.go run_dir_unix.go runtime.go script.go shell.go signal_unix.go

func CleanupRuntime Uses

func CleanupRuntime(ev *eval.Evaler)

CleanupRuntime cleans up the runtime.

func InitRuntime Uses

func InitRuntime(binpath, sockpath, dbpath string) (*eval.Evaler, string)

InitRuntime initializes the runtime, and returns an Evaler and the path of the data directory. The caller should call CleanupRuntime when the Evaler is no longer needed.

type Shell Uses

type Shell struct {
    BinPath     string
    SockPath    string
    DbPath      string
    Cmd         bool
    CompileOnly bool
    NoRc        bool
    JSON        bool

Shell keeps flags to the shell.

func (*Shell) Main Uses

func (sh *Shell) Main(fds [3]*os.File, args []string) int

Main runs Elvish using the default terminal interface. It blocks until Elvish quits, and returns the exit code.

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