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package test

import "github.com/envoyproxy/go-control-plane/pkg/test"

Package test contains test utilities


Package Files


func RunAccessLogServer Uses

func RunAccessLogServer(ctx context.Context, alsv2 *testv2.AccessLogService, alsv3 *testv3.AccessLogService, alsPort uint)

RunAccessLogServer starts an accesslog server.

func RunManagementGateway Uses

func RunManagementGateway(ctx context.Context, srv2 serverv2.Server, srv3 serverv3.Server, port uint, lg gcplogger.Logger)

RunManagementGateway starts an HTTP gateway to an xDS server.

func RunManagementServer Uses

func RunManagementServer(ctx context.Context, srv2 serverv2.Server, srv3 serverv3.Server, port uint)

RunManagementServer starts an xDS server at the given port.

type HTTPGateway Uses

type HTTPGateway struct {
    // Log is an optional log for errors in response write
    Log gcplogger.Logger

    GatewayV2 serverv2.HTTPGateway

    GatewayV3 serverv3.HTTPGateway

HTTPGateway is a custom implementation of [gRPC gateway](https://github.com/grpc-ecosystem/grpc-gateway) specialized to Envoy xDS API.

func (*HTTPGateway) ServeHTTP Uses

func (h *HTTPGateway) ServeHTTP(resp http.ResponseWriter, req *http.Request)


mainPackage main contains the test driver for testing xDS manually.
resource/v2Package resource creates test xDS resources
resource/v3Package resource creates test xDS resources
v2Package test contains test utilities
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