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package test

import "github.com/envoyproxy/go-control-plane/pkg/test/v3"

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Code generated by create_version. DO NOT EDIT.

Package test contains test utilities


Package Files

accesslog.go callbacks.go register.go

func RegisterAccessLogServer Uses

func RegisterAccessLogServer(grpcServer *grpc.Server, als *AccessLogService)

RegisterAccessLogServer starts an accessloggrpc service.

func RegisterServer Uses

func RegisterServer(grpcServer *grpc.Server, server server.Server)

RegisterServer registers with v2 services.

type AccessLogService Uses

type AccessLogService struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

AccessLogService buffers access logs from the remote Envoy nodes.

func (*AccessLogService) Dump Uses

func (svc *AccessLogService) Dump(f func(string))

Dump releases the collected log entries and clears the log entry list.

func (*AccessLogService) StreamAccessLogs Uses

func (svc *AccessLogService) StreamAccessLogs(stream accessloggrpc.AccessLogService_StreamAccessLogsServer) error

StreamAccessLogs implements the access log service.

type Callbacks Uses

type Callbacks struct {
    Signal   chan struct{}
    Debug    bool
    Fetches  int
    Requests int
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func (*Callbacks) OnFetchRequest Uses

func (cb *Callbacks) OnFetchRequest(_ context.Context, req *discovery.DiscoveryRequest) error

func (*Callbacks) OnFetchResponse Uses

func (cb *Callbacks) OnFetchResponse(*discovery.DiscoveryRequest, *discovery.DiscoveryResponse)

func (*Callbacks) OnStreamClosed Uses

func (cb *Callbacks) OnStreamClosed(id int64)

func (*Callbacks) OnStreamOpen Uses

func (cb *Callbacks) OnStreamOpen(_ context.Context, id int64, typ string) error

func (*Callbacks) OnStreamRequest Uses

func (cb *Callbacks) OnStreamRequest(int64, *discovery.DiscoveryRequest) error

func (*Callbacks) OnStreamResponse Uses

func (cb *Callbacks) OnStreamResponse(int64, *discovery.DiscoveryRequest, *discovery.DiscoveryResponse)

func (*Callbacks) Report Uses

func (cb *Callbacks) Report()

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