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package proto

import "github.com/equinox-io/equinox/proto"

package proto defines a set of structures used to negotiate an update between an an application (the client) and an Equinox update service.


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type PatchKind Uses

type PatchKind string
const (
    PatchNone   PatchKind = "none"
    PatchBSDiff PatchKind = "bsdiff"

type Release Uses

type Release struct {
    Title       string    `json:"title"`
    Version     string    `json:"version"`
    Description string    `json:"description"`
    CreateDate  time.Time `json:"create_date"`

type Request Uses

type Request struct {
    AppID         string `json:"app_id"`
    Channel       string `json:"channel"`
    OS            string `json:"os"`
    Arch          string `json:"arch"`
    GoARM         string `json:"goarm"`
    TargetVersion string `json:"target_version"`

    CurrentVersion string `json:"current_version"`
    CurrentSHA256  string `json:"current_sha256"`

type Response Uses

type Response struct {
    Available   bool      `json:"available"`
    DownloadURL string    `json:"download_url"`
    Checksum    string    `json:"checksum"`
    Signature   string    `json:"signature"`
    Patch       PatchKind `json:"patch_type"`
    Release     Release   `json:"release"`

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