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package validation

import "github.com/erikstmartin/kubernetes/pkg/api/validation"

Package validation has functions for validating the correctness of api objects and explaining what is wrong with them when they aren't valid.


Package Files

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func AccumulateUniquePorts Uses

func AccumulateUniquePorts(containers []api.Container, accumulator map[int]bool, extract func(*api.Port) int) errs.ValidationErrorList

AccumulateUniquePorts runs an extraction function on each Port of each Container, accumulating the results and returning an error if any ports conflict.

func ValidateBoundPod Uses

func ValidateBoundPod(pod *api.BoundPod) (errors []error)

ValidateBoundPod tests if required fields on a bound pod are set.

func ValidateManifest Uses

func ValidateManifest(manifest *api.ContainerManifest) errs.ValidationErrorList

ValidateManifest tests that the specified ContainerManifest has valid data. This includes checking formatting and uniqueness. It also canonicalizes the structure by setting default values and implementing any backwards-compatibility tricks.

func ValidatePod Uses

func ValidatePod(pod *api.Pod) errs.ValidationErrorList

ValidatePod tests if required fields in the pod are set.

func ValidatePodState Uses

func ValidatePodState(podState *api.PodState) errs.ValidationErrorList

func ValidatePodUpdate Uses

func ValidatePodUpdate(newPod, oldPod *api.Pod) errs.ValidationErrorList

ValidatePodUpdate tests to see if the update is legal

func ValidateReadOnlyPersistentDisks Uses

func ValidateReadOnlyPersistentDisks(volumes []api.Volume) errs.ValidationErrorList

func ValidateReplicationController Uses

func ValidateReplicationController(controller *api.ReplicationController) errs.ValidationErrorList

ValidateReplicationController tests if required fields in the replication controller are set.

func ValidateReplicationControllerState Uses

func ValidateReplicationControllerState(state *api.ReplicationControllerState) errs.ValidationErrorList

ValidateReplicationControllerState tests if required fields in the replication controller state are set.

func ValidateService Uses

func ValidateService(service *api.Service) errs.ValidationErrorList

ValidateService tests if required fields in the service are set.

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