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package e2e

import "github.com/erimatnor/kubernetes/test/e2e"


Package Files

cadvisor.go certs.go density.go docker_containers.go downward_api.go driver.go empty_dir.go es_cluster_logging.go events.go kubectl.go monitoring.go networking.go pd.go pods.go rc.go scale.go secrets.go service.go shell.go ssh.go util.go

func BadEvents Uses

func BadEvents(events []*api.Event) int

Prints the histogram of the events and returns the number of bad events.

func CheckCadvisorHealthOnAllNodes Uses

func CheckCadvisorHealthOnAllNodes(c *client.Client, timeout time.Duration)

func ClusterLevelLoggingWithElasticsearch Uses

func ClusterLevelLoggingWithElasticsearch(c *client.Client)

ClusterLevelLoggingWithElasticsearch is an end to end test for cluster level logging.

func DeleteRC Uses

func DeleteRC(c *client.Client, ns, name string) error

Delete a Replication Controller and all pods it spawned

func Failf Uses

func Failf(format string, a ...interface{})

func HighLatencyRequests Uses

func HighLatencyRequests(c *client.Client, threshold time.Duration) (int, error)

Prints summary metrics for request types with latency above threshold and returns number of such request types.

func LaunchNetTestPodPerNode Uses

func LaunchNetTestPodPerNode(nodes *api.NodeList, name string, c *client.Client, ns string) []string

func Logf Uses

func Logf(format string, a ...interface{})

func RunE2ETests Uses

func RunE2ETests(context *TestContextType, orderseed int64, times int, reportDir string, testList []string)

Run each Go end-to-end-test. This function assumes the creation of a test cluster.

func RunRC Uses

func RunRC(c *client.Client, name string, ns, image string, replicas int) error

Launch a Replication Controller and wait for all pods it spawns to become running. The controller will need to be cleaned up external to this method

func SSH Uses

func SSH(cmd, host, provider string) (string, string, int, error)

SSH synchronously SSHs to a node running on provider and runs cmd. If there is no error performing the SSH, the stdout, stderr, and exit code are returned.

func ServeImageOrFail Uses

func ServeImageOrFail(c *client.Client, test string, image string)

A basic test to check the deployment of an image using a replication controller. The image serves its hostname which is checked for each replica.

func VerifyContainersAreNotFailed Uses

func VerifyContainersAreNotFailed(pod api.Pod) error

type CloudConfig Uses

type CloudConfig struct {
    ProjectID  string
    Zone       string
    MasterName string

    Provider cloudprovider.Interface

type LatencyMetric Uses

type LatencyMetric struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

LatencyMetrics stores data about request latency at a given quantile broken down by verb (e.g. GET, PUT, LIST) and resource (e.g. pods, services).

func ReadLatencyMetrics Uses

func ReadLatencyMetrics(c *client.Client) ([]LatencyMetric, error)

type TestContextType Uses

type TestContextType struct {
    KubeConfig  string
    KubeContext string
    AuthConfig  string
    CertDir     string
    Host        string
    RepoRoot    string
    Provider    string
    CloudConfig CloudConfig

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