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package docker

import ""


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createml.go inspect.go inspect_v1.go inspect_v2.go util.go


const (
    // DefaultHostname is the default built-in registry (DockerHub)
    DefaultHostname = ""
    // LegacyDefaultHostname is the old hostname used for DockerHub
    LegacyDefaultHostname = ""
    // DefaultRepoPrefix is the prefix used for official images in DockerHub
    DefaultRepoPrefix = "library/"

func GetImageData Uses

func GetImageData(a *types.AuthInfo, name string, insecure bool) ([]types.ImageInspect, *registry.RepositoryInfo, error)

GetImageData takes registry authentication information and a name of the image to return information about

func PutManifestList Uses

func PutManifestList(a *types.AuthInfo, yamlInput types.YAMLInput, ignoreMissing, insecure bool) (string, int, error)

PutManifestList takes an authentication variable and a yaml spec struct and pushes an image list based on the spec

type ImageConfigPullError Uses

type ImageConfigPullError struct {
    Err error

ImageConfigPullError is an error pulling the image config blob (only applies to schema2).

func (ImageConfigPullError) Error Uses

func (e ImageConfigPullError) Error() string

Error returns the error string for ImageConfigPullError.

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