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Package main is a simple wrapper of the real etcd entrypoint package (located at to ensure that etcd is still "go getable"; e.g. `go get` works as expected and builds a binary in $GOBIN/etcd

This package should NOT be extended or modified in any way; to modify the etcd binary, work in the `` package.

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authPackage auth provides client role authentication for accessing keys in etcd.
auth/authpbPackage authpb is a generated protocol buffer package.
clientPackage client provides bindings for the etcd APIs.
client/integrationPackage integration implements tests built upon embedded etcd, focusing on the correctness of the etcd v2 client.
clientv3Package clientv3 implements the official Go etcd client for v3.
clientv3/balancerPackage balancer implements client balancer.
clientv3/balancer/connectivityPackage connectivity implements client connectivity operations.
clientv3/balancer/pickerPackage picker defines/implements client balancer picker policy.
clientv3/balancer/resolver/endpointPackage endpoint resolves etcd entpoints using grpc targets of the form 'endpoint://<id>/<endpoint>'.
clientv3/clientv3utilPackage clientv3util contains utility functions derived from clientv3.
clientv3/concurrencyPackage concurrency implements concurrency operations on top of etcd such as distributed locks, barriers, and elections.
clientv3/credentialsPackage credentials implements gRPC credential interface with etcd specific logic.
clientv3/integrationPackage integration implements tests built upon embedded etcd, and focuses on correctness of etcd client.
clientv3/leasingPackage leasing serves linearizable reads from a local cache by acquiring exclusive write access to keys through a client-side leasing protocol.
clientv3/mirrorPackage mirror implements etcd mirroring operations.
clientv3/namespacePackage namespace is a clientv3 wrapper that translates all keys to begin with a given prefix.
clientv3/namingPackage naming provides an etcd-backed gRPC resolver for discovering gRPC services.
clientv3/orderingPackage ordering is a clientv3 wrapper that caches response header revisions to detect ordering violations from stale responses.
clientv3/snapshotPackage snapshot implements utilities around etcd snapshot.
clientv3/yamlPackage yaml handles yaml-formatted clientv3 configuration data.
contrib/raftexampleraftexample is a simple KV store using the raft and rafthttp libraries.
contrib/recipesPackage recipe contains experimental client-side distributed synchronization primitives.
embedPackage embed provides bindings for embedding an etcd server in a program.
etcdctletcdctl is a command line application that controls etcd.
etcdctl/ctlv2Package ctlv2 contains the main entry point for the etcdctl for v2 API.
etcdctl/ctlv2/commandPackage command is a set of libraries for etcdctl commands.
etcdctl/ctlv3Package ctlv3 contains the main entry point for the etcdctl for v3 API.
etcdctl/ctlv3/commandPackage command is a set of libraries for etcd v3 commands.
etcdmainPackage etcdmain contains the main entry point for the etcd binary.
etcdserverPackage etcdserver defines how etcd servers interact and store their states.
etcdserver/apiPackage api manages the capabilities and features that are exposed to clients by the etcd cluster.
etcdserver/api/etcdhttpPackage etcdhttp implements HTTP transportation layer for etcdserver.
etcdserver/api/membershipPackage membership describes individual etcd members and clusters of members.
etcdserver/api/membership/membershippbPackage membershippb is a generated protocol buffer package.
etcdserver/api/rafthttpPackage rafthttp implements HTTP transportation layer for etcd/raft pkg.
etcdserver/api/snapPackage snap handles Raft nodes' states with snapshots.
etcdserver/api/snap/snappbPackage snappb is a generated protocol buffer package.
etcdserver/api/v2authPackage v2auth implements etcd authentication.
etcdserver/api/v2discoveryPackage v2discovery provides an implementation of the cluster discovery that is used by etcd with v2 client.
etcdserver/api/v2errorPackage v2error describes errors in etcd project.
etcdserver/api/v2httpPackage v2http provides etcd client and server implementations.
etcdserver/api/v2http/httptypesPackage httptypes defines how etcd's HTTP API entities are serialized to and deserialized from JSON.
etcdserver/api/v2statsPackage v2stats defines a standard interface for etcd cluster statistics.
etcdserver/api/v2storePackage v2store defines etcd's in-memory key/value store in v2 API.
etcdserver/api/v2v3Package v2v3 provides a ServerV2 implementation backed by clientv3.Client.
etcdserver/api/v3alarmPackage v3alarm manages health status alarms in etcd.
etcdserver/api/v3clientPackage v3client provides clientv3 interfaces from an etcdserver.
etcdserver/api/v3compactorPackage v3compactor implements automated policies for compacting etcd's mvcc storage.
etcdserver/api/v3electionPackage v3election provides a v3 election service from an etcdserver.
etcdserver/api/v3election/v3electionpbPackage v3electionpb is a generated protocol buffer package.
etcdserver/api/v3election/v3electionpb/gwPackage v3electionpb is a reverse proxy.
etcdserver/api/v3lockPackage v3lock provides a v3 locking service from an etcdserver.
etcdserver/api/v3lock/v3lockpbPackage v3lockpb is a generated protocol buffer package.
etcdserver/api/v3lock/v3lockpb/gwPackage v3lockpb is a reverse proxy.
etcdserver/api/v3rpcPackage v3rpc implements etcd v3 RPC system based on gRPC.
etcdserver/api/v3rpc/rpctypesPackage rpctypes has types and values shared by the etcd server and client for v3 RPC interaction.
etcdserver/cindexPackage cindex provides an interface and implementation for getting/saving consistentIndex.
etcdserver/etcdserverpbPackage etcdserverpb is a generated protocol buffer package.
etcdserver/etcdserverpb/gwPackage etcdserverpb is a reverse proxy.
functional/agentPackage agent implements functional-tester agent server.
functional/cmd/etcd-agentetcd-agent is a program that runs functional-tester agent.
functional/cmd/etcd-proxyetcd-proxy is a proxy layer that simulates various network conditions.
functional/cmd/etcd-runneretcd-runner is a program for testing etcd clientv3 features against a fault injected cluster.
functional/cmd/etcd-testeretcd-tester is a program that runs functional-tester client.
functional/runnerPackage runner implements individual etcd-runner commands for the etcd-runner utility.
functional/testerPackage tester implements functional-tester tester server.
integrationPackage integration implements tests built upon embedded etcd, and focus on etcd correctness.
leasePackage lease provides an interface and implementation for time-limited leases over arbitrary resources.
lease/leasehttpPackage leasehttp serves lease renewals made through HTTP requests.
lease/leasepbPackage leasepb is a generated protocol buffer package.
mvccPackage mvcc defines etcd's stable MVCC storage.
mvcc/backendPackage backend defines a standard interface for etcd's backend MVCC storage.
mvcc/mvccpbPackage mvccpb is a generated protocol buffer package.
pkg/adtPackage adt implements useful abstract data types.
pkg/contentionPackage contention provides facilities for detecting system contention.
pkg/cpuutilPackage cpuutil provides facilities for detecting cpu-specific features.
pkg/crcPackage crc provides utility function for cyclic redundancy check algorithms.
pkg/debugutilPackage debugutil includes utility functions for debugging.
pkg/expectPackage expect implements a small expect-style interface
pkg/fileutilPackage fileutil implements utility functions related to files and paths.
pkg/flagsPackage flags implements command-line flag parsing.
pkg/httputilPackage httputil provides HTTP utility functions.
pkg/idutilPackage idutil implements utility functions for generating unique, randomized ids.
pkg/ioutilPackage ioutil implements I/O utility functions.
pkg/logutilPackage logutil includes utilities to facilitate logging.
pkg/mock/mockserverPackage mockserver provides mock implementations for etcdserver's server interface.
pkg/mock/mockstoragePackage mockstorage provides mock implementations for etcdserver's storage interface.
pkg/mock/mockstorePackage mockstore provides mock structures for the etcd store package.
pkg/mock/mockwaitPackage mockwait provides mock implementations for pkg/wait.
pkg/netutilPackage netutil implements network-related utility functions.
pkg/osutilPackage osutil implements operating system-related utility functions.
pkg/pathutilPackage pathutil implements utility functions for handling slash-separated paths.
pkg/pbutilPackage pbutil defines interfaces for handling Protocol Buffer objects.
pkg/proxyPackage proxy implements proxy servers for network fault testing.
pkg/reportPackage report generates human-readable benchmark reports.
pkg/runtimePackage runtime implements utility functions for runtime systems.
pkg/schedulePackage schedule provides mechanisms and policies for scheduling units of work.
pkg/srvPackage srv looks up DNS SRV records.
pkg/stringutilPackage stringutil exports string utility functions.
pkg/systemdPackage systemd provides utility functions for systemd.
pkg/testutilPackage testutil provides test utility functions.
pkg/tlsutilPackage tlsutil provides utility functions for handling TLS.
pkg/traceutilPackage traceutil implements tracing utilities using "context".
pkg/transportPackage transport implements various HTTP transport utilities based on Go net package.
pkg/typesPackage types declares various data types and implements type-checking functions.
pkg/waitPackage wait provides utility functions for polling, listening using Go channel.
proxy/grpcproxyPackage grpcproxy is an OSI level 7 proxy for etcd v3 API requests.
proxy/grpcproxy/adapterPackage adapter provides gRPC adapters between client and server gRPC interfaces without needing to go through a gRPC connection.
proxy/grpcproxy/cachePackage cache exports functionality for efficiently caching and mapping `RangeRequest`s to corresponding `RangeResponse`s.
proxy/httpproxyPackage httpproxy implements etcd httpproxy.
proxy/tcpproxyPackage tcpproxy is an OSI level 4 proxy for routing etcd clients to etcd servers.
raftPackage raft sends and receives messages in the Protocol Buffer format defined in the raftpb package.
raft/raftpbPackage raftpb is a generated protocol buffer package.
raft/rafttestPackage rafttest provides functional tests for etcd's raft implementation.
tools/benchmarkbenchmark is a program for benchmarking etcd v3 API performance.
tools/benchmark/cmdPackage cmd implements individual benchmark commands for the benchmark utility.
tools/etcd-dump-dbetcd-dump-db inspects etcd db files.
tools/etcd-dump-logsetcd-dump-logs is a program for analyzing etcd server write ahead logs.
tools/etcd-dump-metricsetcd-dump-metrics automates etcd Prometheus metrics documentation.
vendor/ gogoproto provides extensions for protocol buffers to achieve:
vendor/ proto converts data structures to and from the wire format of protocol buffers.
versionPackage version implements etcd version parsing and contains latest version information.
walPackage wal provides an implementation of a write ahead log that is used by etcd.
wal/walpbPackage walpb is a generated protocol buffer package.

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