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package cindex

import ""

Package cindex provides an interface and implementation for getting/saving consistentIndex.


Package Files

cindex.go doc.go

type ConsistentIndexer Uses

type ConsistentIndexer interface {

    // ConsistentIndex returns the consistent index of current executing entry.
    ConsistentIndex() uint64

    // SetConsistentIndex set the consistent index of current executing entry.
    SetConsistentIndex(v uint64)

    // UnsafeSave must be called holding the lock on the tx.
    // It saves consistentIndex to the underlying stable storage.
    UnsafeSave(tx backend.BatchTx)

    // SetBatchTx set the available backend.BatchTx for ConsistentIndexer.
    SetBatchTx(tx backend.BatchTx)

ConsistentIndexer is an interface that wraps the Get/Set/Save method for consistentIndex.

func NewConsistentIndex Uses

func NewConsistentIndex(tx backend.BatchTx) ConsistentIndexer

func NewFakeConsistentIndex Uses

func NewFakeConsistentIndex(index uint64) ConsistentIndexer

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