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package console

import "github.com/ethereum/go-ethereum/console"


Package Files

bridge.go console.go


const DefaultPrompt = "> "

DefaultPrompt is the default prompt line prefix to use for user input querying.

const HistoryFile = "history"

HistoryFile is the file within the data directory to store input scrollback.

type Config Uses

type Config struct {
    DataDir  string              // Data directory to store the console history at
    DocRoot  string              // Filesystem path from where to load JavaScript files from
    Client   *rpc.Client         // RPC client to execute Ethereum requests through
    Prompt   string              // Input prompt prefix string (defaults to DefaultPrompt)
    Prompter prompt.UserPrompter // Input prompter to allow interactive user feedback (defaults to TerminalPrompter)
    Printer  io.Writer           // Output writer to serialize any display strings to (defaults to os.Stdout)
    Preload  []string            // Absolute paths to JavaScript files to preload

Config is the collection of configurations to fine tune the behavior of the JavaScript console.

type Console Uses

type Console struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Console is a JavaScript interpreted runtime environment. It is a fully fledged JavaScript console attached to a running node via an external or in-process RPC client.

func New Uses

func New(config Config) (*Console, error)

New initializes a JavaScript interpreted runtime environment and sets defaults with the config struct.

func (*Console) AutoCompleteInput Uses

func (c *Console) AutoCompleteInput(line string, pos int) (string, []string, string)

AutoCompleteInput is a pre-assembled word completer to be used by the user input prompter to provide hints to the user about the methods available.

func (*Console) Evaluate Uses

func (c *Console) Evaluate(statement string)

Evaluate executes code and pretty prints the result to the specified output stream.

func (*Console) Execute Uses

func (c *Console) Execute(path string) error

Execute runs the JavaScript file specified as the argument.

func (*Console) Interactive Uses

func (c *Console) Interactive()

Interactive starts an interactive user session, where input is propted from the configured user prompter.

func (*Console) Stop Uses

func (c *Console) Stop(graceful bool) error

Stop cleans up the console and terminates the runtime environment.

func (*Console) Welcome Uses

func (c *Console) Welcome()

Welcome show summary of current Geth instance and some metadata about the console's available modules.



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