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package alexa

import ""


Package Files

ask.go audio.go ears.go globals.go osx.go setup.go vad.go


const DefaultQuietFrames = 30
const DefaultQuietTime = time.Second

func Listen Uses

func Listen(opts ListenOpts) error

func ListenIntoBuffer Uses

func ListenIntoBuffer(opts ListenOpts) (*bytes.Buffer, error)

func OSXMute Uses

func OSXMute() error

func OSXMuted Uses

func OSXMuted() (bool, error)

func OSXUnmute Uses

func OSXUnmute() error

type AskCommand Uses

type AskCommand struct {

func (*AskCommand) Execute Uses

func (r *AskCommand) Execute(args []string) error

type AudioCommand Uses

type AudioCommand struct {

func (*AudioCommand) Execute Uses

func (a *AudioCommand) Execute(args []string) error

type GlobalOptions Uses

type GlobalOptions struct {
var Globals GlobalOptions

type ListenOpts Uses

type ListenOpts struct {
    State         func(State)
    QuietDuration time.Duration

type SetupCommand Uses

type SetupCommand struct {
    Product string `long:"product-id" description:"Alexa product id"`
    ID      string `long:"id" description:"Client ID"`
    Secret  string `long:"secret" description:"Client Secret"`

func (*SetupCommand) Execute Uses

func (s *SetupCommand) Execute(args []string) error

type State Uses

type State int
const (
    Waiting State = iota

type VAD Uses

type VAD struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func NewVAD Uses

func NewVAD(width int) *VAD

func (*VAD) Flux Uses

func (v *VAD) Flux(samples []int16) float64

Given the samples, return the spectral flux value as compared to the previous samples.


portaudioFor the most part, these bindings parallel the underlying PortAudio API; please refer to for details.

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