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package data

import ""

Package data contains basic threadsafe data structures with filesystem persistance and configurable flushing policies.


Package Files

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type FlushPolicy Uses

type FlushPolicy int

FlushPolicy is the type of flush policy to use.

const (
    // FlushOnEdit saves the object to disk after every modification.
    FlushOnEdit FlushPolicy = iota
    // FlushExplicit saves the object to disk only if the Flush method of
    // the object is explicitly called.
    // FlushNone never saves the object to disk.

type UnsortedKV Uses

type UnsortedKV struct {
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

UnsortedKV is a thread safe and unsorted key-value storage with optional persistency on disk.

func NewDiskUnsortedKV Uses

func NewDiskUnsortedKV(fileName string) (*UnsortedKV, error)

NewDiskUnsortedKV returns an UnsortedKV that flushed data on disk every time it gets updated.

func NewDiskUnsortedKVReader Uses

func NewDiskUnsortedKVReader(fileName string) (*UnsortedKV, error)

NewDiskUnsortedKVReader returns an UnsortedKV from disk as a reader but it doesn't flush any modifications on disk.

func NewMemUnsortedKV Uses

func NewMemUnsortedKV() (*UnsortedKV, error)

NewMemUnsortedKV returns an UnsortedKV that only lives in memory and never persists on disk.

func NewUnsortedKV Uses

func NewUnsortedKV(fileName string, flushPolicy FlushPolicy) (*UnsortedKV, error)

NewUnsortedKV creates a new UnsortedKV with the given flush policy. If fileName already exists, it will be deserialized and loaded.

func (*UnsortedKV) Clear Uses

func (u *UnsortedKV) Clear() error

Clear deletes every named object from the store.

func (*UnsortedKV) Del Uses

func (u *UnsortedKV) Del(name string) error

Del deletes a named object from the store.

func (*UnsortedKV) Each Uses

func (u *UnsortedKV) Each(cb func(k, v string) bool)

Each iterates each named object in the store by executing the callback cb on them, if the callback returns true the iteration is interrupted.

func (*UnsortedKV) Empty Uses

func (u *UnsortedKV) Empty() bool

Empty returns bool if the store is empty.

func (*UnsortedKV) Flush Uses

func (u *UnsortedKV) Flush() error

Flush flushes the store to disk if the flush policy is different than FlushNone

func (*UnsortedKV) Get Uses

func (u *UnsortedKV) Get(name string) (v string, found bool)

Get return the value of the named object if present, or returns found as false otherwise.

func (*UnsortedKV) GetOr Uses

func (u *UnsortedKV) GetOr(name, or string) string

GetOr will return the value of the named object if present, or a default value.

func (*UnsortedKV) Has Uses

func (u *UnsortedKV) Has(name string) bool

Has return true if name exists in the store.

func (*UnsortedKV) MarshalJSON Uses

func (u *UnsortedKV) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

MarshalJSON is used to serialize the UnsortedKV data structure to JSON correctly.

func (*UnsortedKV) Set Uses

func (u *UnsortedKV) Set(name, value string) error

Set sets a value for a named object.

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