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package log

import ""

Package log provides access to log functions.


Package Files

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var (
    // Tokens is a map of the tokens that can be used in Format
    // to insert values returned by the execution of a callback.
    Tokens = map[string]func() string{
        "{date}": func() string {
            return time.Now().Format(DateFormat)
        "{time}": func() string {
            return time.Now().Format(TimeFormat)
        "{datetime}": func() string {
            return time.Now().Format(DateTimeFormat)
        "{level:value}": func() string {
            return strconv.Itoa(int(currLevel))
        "{level:name}": func() string {
            return LevelNames[currLevel]
        "{level:color}": func() string {
            return LevelColors[currLevel]
        "{message}": func() string {
            return currMessage
    // Effects is a map of the tokens that can be used in Format to
    // change the properties of the text.
    Effects = map[string]string{
        "{bold}":        tui.BOLD,
        "{dim}":         tui.DIM,
        "{red}":         tui.RED,
        "{green}":       tui.GREEN,
        "{blue}":        tui.BLUE,
        "{yellow}":      tui.YELLOW,
        "{f:black}":     tui.FOREBLACK,
        "{f:white}":     tui.FOREWHITE,
        "{b:darkgray}":  tui.BACKDARKGRAY,
        "{b:red}":       tui.BACKRED,
        "{b:green}":     tui.BACKGREEN,
        "{b:yellow}":    tui.BACKYELLOW,
        "{b:lightblue}": tui.BACKLIGHTBLUE,
        "{reset}":       tui.RESET,
    // DateFormat is the default date format being used when filling the {date} log token.
    DateFormat = "06-Jan-02"
    // TimeFormat is the default time format being used when filling the {time} or {datetime} log tokens.
    TimeFormat = "15:04:05"
    // DateTimeFormat is the default date and time format being used when filling the {datetime} log token.
    DateTimeFormat = "2006-01-02 15:04:05"
    // Format is the default format being used when logging.
    Format = "{datetime} {level:color}{level:name}{reset} {message}"
var (
    // LevelNames is a map of the names ( {level:name} ) of each verbosity level.
    LevelNames = map[Verbosity]string{
        DEBUG:     "dbg",
        INFO:      "inf",
        IMPORTANT: "imp",
        WARNING:   "war",
        ERROR:     "err",
        FATAL:     "!!!",
    // LevelColors is a map of the colors ( {level:color} ) of each verbosity level.
    LevelColors = map[Verbosity]string{
        DEBUG:     tui.DIM + tui.FOREBLACK + tui.BACKDARKGRAY,
        INFO:      tui.FOREWHITE + tui.BACKGREEN,
        ERROR:     tui.FOREWHITE + tui.BACKRED,
        FATAL:     tui.FOREWHITE + tui.BACKRED + tui.BOLD,
var (
    // Level represents the current verbosity level of the logging system.
    Level = INFO
    // Output represents the log output file path if filled or, if empty, stdout.
    Output = ""
    // NoEffects disables all effects and colors if set to true.
    NoEffects = false
    // OnFatal represents the callback/action to execute on Fatal messages.
    OnFatal = ExitOnFatal

func Close Uses

func Close()

Close finalizes the logging system.

func Debug Uses

func Debug(format string, args ...interface{})

Debug emits a debug message.

func Error Uses

func Error(format string, args ...interface{})

Error emits an error message.

func ExitCleanOnFatal Uses

func ExitCleanOnFatal()

os.Exit(0) on Fatal messages.

func ExitOnFatal Uses

func ExitOnFatal()

os.Exit(1) on Fatal messages.

func Fatal Uses

func Fatal(format string, args ...interface{})

Fatal emits a fatal error message and calls the log.OnFatal callback.

func Important Uses

func Important(format string, args ...interface{})

Important emits an important informative message.

func Info Uses

func Info(format string, args ...interface{})

Info emits an informative message.

func LevelColor Uses

func LevelColor(v Verbosity) string

LevelColor returns the color of a verbosity level or "" if effects are disabled.

func LevelName Uses

func LevelName(v Verbosity) string

LevelName returns the name of a verbosity level.

func NoneOnFatal Uses

func NoneOnFatal()

Do nothing on Fatal messages.

func Open Uses

func Open() (err error)

Open initializes the logging system.

func Raw Uses

func Raw(format string, args ...interface{})

Raw emits a message without format to the logs.

func Warning Uses

func Warning(format string, args ...interface{})

Warning emits a warning message.

type FatalPolicy Uses

type FatalPolicy func()

FatalPolicy represents a callback to be executed on Fatal messages.

type Verbosity Uses

type Verbosity int

Verbosity represents the verbosity level of the logger.

const (
    // Debug messages.
    DEBUG Verbosity = iota
    // Informative messages.
    // Informative messages that are important.
    // Warning messages.
    // Recoverable error conditions.
    // Fatal error conditions.

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