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package p

import "github.com/facebookincubator/ent/dialect/gremlin/graph/dsl/p"


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func Between Uses

func Between(v, u interface{}) *dsl.Traversal

Between is the between/contains predicate.

func Containing Uses

func Containing(substr string) *dsl.Traversal

Containing is the sub string test predicate.

func EQ Uses

func EQ(v interface{}) *dsl.Traversal

EQ is the equal predicate.

func EndingWith Uses

func EndingWith(suffix string) *dsl.Traversal

EndingWith is the suffix test predicate.

func GT Uses

func GT(v interface{}) *dsl.Traversal

GT is the greater than predicate.

func GTE Uses

func GTE(v interface{}) *dsl.Traversal

GTE is the greater than or equal predicate.

func LT Uses

func LT(v interface{}) *dsl.Traversal

LT is the less than predicate.

func LTE Uses

func LTE(v interface{}) *dsl.Traversal

LTE is the less than or equal predicate.

func NEQ Uses

func NEQ(v interface{}) *dsl.Traversal

NEQ is the not-equal predicate.

func NotContaining Uses

func NotContaining(substr string) *dsl.Traversal

NotContaining is the negation of Containing.

func NotEndingWith Uses

func NotEndingWith(suffix string) *dsl.Traversal

NotEndingWith is the negation of EndingWith.

func NotStartingWith Uses

func NotStartingWith(prefix string) *dsl.Traversal

NotStartingWith is the negation of StartingWith.

func StartingWith Uses

func StartingWith(prefix string) *dsl.Traversal

StartingWith is the prefix test predicate.

func Within Uses

func Within(args ...interface{}) *dsl.Traversal

Within Determines if a value is within the specified list of values.

func Without Uses

func Without(args ...interface{}) *dsl.Traversal

Without determines if a value is not within the specified list of values.

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