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package load

import "github.com/facebookincubator/ent/entc/load"

Package load is the interface for loading schema package into a Go program.


Package Files

load.go schema.go

func MarshalSchema Uses

func MarshalSchema(schema ent.Interface) (b []byte, err error)

MarshalSchema encode the ent.Schema interface into a JSON that can be decoded into the Schema object object.

type Config Uses

type Config struct {
    // Path is the path for the schema package.
    Path string
    // Names are the schema names to run the code generation on.
    // Empty means all schemas in the directory.
    Names []string

Config holds the configuration for package building.

func (*Config) Load Uses

func (c *Config) Load() (*SchemaSpec, error)

Load loads the schemas package and build the Go plugin with this info.

type Edge Uses

type Edge struct {
    Name     string `json:"name,omitempty"`
    Type     string `json:"type,omitempty"`
    Tag      string `json:"tag,omitempty"`
    RefName  string `json:"ref_name,omitempty"`
    Ref      *Edge  `json:"ref,omitempty"`
    Unique   bool   `json:"unique,omitempty"`
    Inverse  bool   `json:"inverse,omitempty"`
    Required bool   `json:"required,omitempty"`

Edge represents an ent.Edge that was loaded from a complied user package.

func NewEdge Uses

func NewEdge(ed *edge.Descriptor) *Edge

NewEdge creates an loaded edge from edge descriptor.

type Field Uses

type Field struct {
    Name          string          `json:"name,omitempty"`
    Info          *field.TypeInfo `json:"type,omitempty"`
    Tag           string          `json:"tag,omitempty"`
    Size          *int64          `json:"size,omitempty"`
    Enums         []string        `json:"enums,omitempty"`
    Unique        bool            `json:"unique,omitempty"`
    Nillable      bool            `json:"nillable,omitempty"`
    Optional      bool            `json:"optional,omitempty"`
    Default       bool            `json:"default,omitempty"`
    DefaultValue  interface{}     `json:"default_value,omitempty"`
    UpdateDefault bool            `json:"update_default,omitempty"`
    Immutable     bool            `json:"immutable,omitempty"`
    Validators    int             `json:"validators,omitempty"`
    StorageKey    string          `json:"storage_key,omitempty"`
    Position      *Position       `json:"position,omitempty"`
    Sensitive     bool            `json:"sensitive,omitempty"`

Field represents an ent.Field that was loaded from a complied user package.

func NewField Uses

func NewField(fd *field.Descriptor) (*Field, error)

NewField creates an loaded field from edge descriptor.

type Index Uses

type Index struct {
    Unique     bool     `json:"unique,omitempty"`
    Edges      []string `json:"edges,omitempty"`
    Fields     []string `json:"fields,omitempty"`
    StorageKey string   `json:"storage_key,omitempty"`

Index represents an ent.Index that was loaded from a complied user package.

type Position Uses

type Position struct {
    Index      int  // Field index in the field list.
    MixedIn    bool // Indicates if the field was mixed-in.
    MixinIndex int  // Mixin index in the mixin list.

Position describes a field position in the schema.

type Schema Uses

type Schema struct {
    Name    string     `json:"name,omitempty"`
    Config  ent.Config `json:"config,omitempty"`
    Edges   []*Edge    `json:"edges,omitempty"`
    Fields  []*Field   `json:"fields,omitempty"`
    Indexes []*Index   `json:"indexes,omitempty"`
    Hooks   int        `json:"hooks,omitempty"`
    Policy  bool       `json:"policy,omitempty"`

Schema represents an ent.Schema that was loaded from a complied user package.

func UnmarshalSchema Uses

func UnmarshalSchema(buf []byte) (*Schema, error)

UnmarshalSchema decodes the given buffer to a loaded schema.

type SchemaSpec Uses

type SchemaSpec struct {
    // Schemas are the schema descriptors.
    Schemas []*Schema
    // PkgPath is the package path of the schema.
    PkgPath string

A SchemaSpec holds an ent.schema package that created by Load.


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