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package cli

import "github.com/fanyang1988/eosc/cli"


Package Files

accounts.go cli.go getpass.go

func GetConfirmation Uses

func GetConfirmation(prompt string) (bool, error)

GetConfirmation will prompt for a 4 random number from 1000-9999. The `prompt` should always contain a %d to display the confirmation security code.

func GetDecryptPassphrase Uses

func GetDecryptPassphrase() (string, error)

func GetEncryptPassphrase Uses

func GetEncryptPassphrase() (string, error)

func GetPassword Uses

func GetPassword(input string) (string, error)

func ToAccountName Uses

func ToAccountName(in string) (out eos.AccountName, err error)

func ToName Uses

func ToName(in string) (out eos.Name, err error)

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