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package v6

import "github.com/fluxcd/flux/pkg/api/v6"


Package Files

api.go container.go

type Container Uses

type Container struct {
    Name           string     `json:",omitempty"`
    Current        image.Info `json:",omitempty"`
    LatestFiltered image.Info `json:",omitempty"`

    // All available images (ignoring tag filters)
    Available               update.SortedImageInfos `json:",omitempty"`
    AvailableError          string                  `json:",omitempty"`
    AvailableImagesCount    int                     `json:",omitempty"`
    NewAvailableImagesCount int                     `json:",omitempty"`

    // Filtered available images (matching tag filters)
    FilteredImagesCount    int `json:",omitempty"`
    NewFilteredImagesCount int `json:",omitempty"`

Container describes an individual container including current image info and available images.

func NewContainer Uses

func NewContainer(name string, images imageSorter, currentImage image.Info, tagPattern policy.Pattern, fields []string) (Container, error)

NewContainer creates a Container given a list of images and the current image

type ControllerStatus Uses

type ControllerStatus struct {
    ID         resource.ID
    Containers []Container
    ReadOnly   ReadOnlyReason
    Status     string
    Rollout    cluster.RolloutStatus
    SyncError  string
    Antecedent resource.ID
    Labels     map[string]string
    Automated  bool
    Locked     bool
    Ignore     bool
    Policies   map[string]string

type Deprecated Uses

type Deprecated interface {
    SyncNotify(context.Context) error

type GitConfig Uses

type GitConfig struct {
    Remote       GitRemoteConfig   `json:"remote"`
    PublicSSHKey ssh.PublicKey     `json:"publicSSHKey"`
    Status       git.GitRepoStatus `json:"status"`
    Error        string            `json:"errors"`

type GitRemoteConfig Uses

type GitRemoteConfig struct {
    Branch string `json:"branch"`
    Path   string `json:"path"`

type ImageStatus Uses

type ImageStatus struct {
    ID         resource.ID
    Containers []Container

type NotDeprecated Uses

type NotDeprecated interface {
    // from v5
    Export(context.Context) ([]byte, error)

    // v6
    ListServices(ctx context.Context, namespace string) ([]ControllerStatus, error)
    ListImages(ctx context.Context, spec update.ResourceSpec) ([]ImageStatus, error)
    UpdateManifests(context.Context, update.Spec) (job.ID, error)
    SyncStatus(ctx context.Context, ref string) ([]string, error)
    JobStatus(context.Context, job.ID) (job.Status, error)
    GitRepoConfig(ctx context.Context, regenerate bool) (GitConfig, error)

type ReadOnlyReason Uses

type ReadOnlyReason string

ReadOnlyReason enumerates the reasons that a controller is considered read-only. The zero value is considered "OK", since the zero value is what prior versions of the daemon will effectively send.

const (
    ReadOnlyOK       ReadOnlyReason = ""
    ReadOnlyMissing  ReadOnlyReason = "NotInRepo"
    ReadOnlySystem   ReadOnlyReason = "System"
    ReadOnlyNoRepo   ReadOnlyReason = "NoRepo"
    ReadOnlyNotReady ReadOnlyReason = "NotReady"
    ReadOnlyROMode   ReadOnlyReason = "ReadOnlyMode"

type Server Uses

type Server interface {

type Upstream Uses

type Upstream interface {
    // from v4
    Ping(context.Context) error
    Version(context.Context) (string, error)

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