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package v9

import "github.com/fluxcd/flux/pkg/api/v9"

This package defines the types for Flux API version 9.


Package Files

api.go change.go


var ErrUnknownChange = errors.New("unknown kind of change")

type Change Uses

type Change struct {
    Kind   ChangeKind  // essentially a type tag
    Source interface{} // what changed

func (*Change) UnmarshalJSON Uses

func (c *Change) UnmarshalJSON(bs []byte) error

type ChangeKind Uses

type ChangeKind string
const (
    GitChange   ChangeKind = "git"
    ImageChange ChangeKind = "image"

func (ChangeKind) MarshalJSON Uses

func (k ChangeKind) MarshalJSON() ([]byte, error)

type GitUpdate Uses

type GitUpdate struct {
    URL, Branch string

type ImageUpdate Uses

type ImageUpdate struct {
    Name image.Name

type Server Uses

type Server interface {

type Upstream Uses

type Upstream interface {

    // ChangeNotify tells the daemon that we've noticed a change in
    // e.g., the git repo, or image registry, and now would be a good
    // time to update its state.
    NotifyChange(context.Context, Change) error

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