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package fsnotify

import "github.com/fsnotify/fsnotify"

Package fsnotify provides a platform-independent interface for file system notifications.



Package Files

fsnotify.go inotify.go inotify_poller.go


var (
    ErrEventOverflow = errors.New("fsnotify queue overflow")

Common errors that can be reported by a watcher

type Event Uses

type Event struct {
    Name string // Relative path to the file or directory.
    Op   Op     // File operation that triggered the event.

Event represents a single file system notification.

func (Event) String Uses

func (e Event) String() string

String returns a string representation of the event in the form "file: REMOVE|WRITE|..."

type Op Uses

type Op uint32

Op describes a set of file operations.

const (
    Create Op  = 1 << iota

These are the generalized file operations that can trigger a notification.

func (Op) String Uses

func (op Op) String() string

type Watcher Uses

type Watcher struct {
    Events chan Event
    Errors chan error
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

Watcher watches a set of files, delivering events to a channel.

func NewWatcher Uses

func NewWatcher() (*Watcher, error)

NewWatcher establishes a new watcher with the underlying OS and begins waiting for events.


watcher, err := fsnotify.NewWatcher()
if err != nil {
defer watcher.Close()

done := make(chan bool)
go func() {
    for {
        select {
        case event, ok := <-watcher.Events:
            if !ok {
            log.Println("event:", event)
            if event.Op&fsnotify.Write == fsnotify.Write {
                log.Println("modified file:", event.Name)
        case err, ok := <-watcher.Errors:
            if !ok {
            log.Println("error:", err)

err = watcher.Add("/tmp/foo")
if err != nil {

func (*Watcher) Add Uses

func (w *Watcher) Add(name string) error

Add starts watching the named file or directory (non-recursively).

func (*Watcher) Close Uses

func (w *Watcher) Close() error

Close removes all watches and closes the events channel.

func (*Watcher) Remove Uses

func (w *Watcher) Remove(name string) error

Remove stops watching the named file or directory (non-recursively).

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