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package fssnapshot

import ""

Cross-platform filesystem snapshotting library


Package Files

factorylinux.go interface.go lvm.go null.go utils.go windows.go

type Snapshot Uses

type Snapshot struct {
    ID                    string // opaque platform-specific string (do not use for anything)
    OriginInSnapshotPath  string // path used to access origin in snapshot
    OriginPath            string // snapshot taken from
    SnapshotRootMountPath string // path used to access the snapshotted root

type Snapshotter Uses

type Snapshotter interface {
    Snapshot(path string) (*Snapshot, error)
    Release(Snapshot) error

func LvmSnapshotter Uses

func LvmSnapshotter(snapshotSize string, logger *log.Logger) Snapshotter

func NullSnapshotter Uses

func NullSnapshotter() Snapshotter

func PlatformSpecificSnapshotter Uses

func PlatformSpecificSnapshotter(logger *log.Logger) Snapshotter

func WindowsSnapshotter Uses

func WindowsSnapshotter(logger *log.Logger) Snapshotter

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