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package stateresolver

import ""

Computes the state of collection at an exact revision. The revision's parent DAG is traversed back to the root to compute all the deltas.


Package Files

dirpeek.go resolver.go

type DirPeekResult Uses

type DirPeekResult struct {
    Path       string
    Files      []stotypes.File
    ParentDirs []string // doesn't include root
    SubDirs    []string

func DirPeek Uses

func DirPeek(files []stotypes.File, dirToPeek string) *DirPeekResult

given a bunch of files with paths, we can create a directory model that lets us look at one directory at a time, listing its sub- and parent dirs

type StateAt Uses

type StateAt struct {
    ChangesetId string
    // contains filtered or unexported fields

func ComputeStateAt Uses

func ComputeStateAt(c stotypes.Collection, changesetId string) (*StateAt, error)

func ComputeStateAtHead Uses

func ComputeStateAtHead(c stotypes.Collection) (*StateAt, error)

func (*StateAt) FileList Uses

func (s *StateAt) FileList() []stotypes.File

List of files present at this revision

func (*StateAt) Files Uses

func (s *StateAt) Files() fileMap

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