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package stomvu

import ""

"Move utils" - logic for moving files to hierarchies sensible for TV shows, photo albums etc.


Package Files

custompattern.go entrypoint.go photorenamer.go plan.go tv.go

func Entrypoint Uses

func Entrypoint() *cobra.Command

type PhotoResult Uses

type PhotoResult struct {
    DateString string

func (*PhotoResult) String Uses

func (p *PhotoResult) String() string

type Plan Uses

type Plan struct {
    FileTargets      []*PlanTarget
    DirectoryTargets []*PlanTarget
    Dunno            []string // includes both files and folders

func (*Plan) InsertFile Uses

func (p *Plan) InsertFile(source string, targetDir string)

type PlanTarget Uses

type PlanTarget struct {
    Target  string
    Sources []string

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